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Photo: Svenska Institutet

Transport Systems

No society can work without effective infrastructure and logistics systems. Sweden has long been a leader in this field and at Business Sweden we help companies to develop profitable export opportunities. International demand is high for products and services in segments such as traffic safety, congestion management and the operation and maintenance of traffic systems (roads, railways, airports and ports) – to name a few.

Business Sweden works closely with businesses and agencies to promote Swedish exports of know-how, products and services across three areas:

  • Infrastructure solutions
  • Automotive solutions Services and training
  • Monitoring and surveillance systems

The Vision Zero Initiative

International clients are often interested in solutions spanning more than one of these areas. The Vision Zero Initiative serves as a brand platform for Sweden as a world leader in road safety. Its mission is to help other countries reduce road injuries and fatalities and to assist Swedish companies in marketing their products and expertise. The Swedish Transport Administration funds the Vision Zero Initiative.

Read more at; www.visionzeroinitiative.com

The SymbioCity Initiative

The SymbioCity – is a Swedish government initiative run by Business Sweden in partnership with Swedish enterprise. Business Sweden oversees the SymbioCity trademark and promotes national exports on behalf of the Swedish government and industry. SymbioCity’s integrated approach helps you develop a more effective urban transport system that cuts environmental impact while saving lives and money.

Read more at; SymbioCare at www.symbiocare.org

Team Sweden: Transport Systems

A close collaboration between 2 strong Swedish brands supplying solutions within Transport Systems. The purpose is to utilize the combined strength of well-known companies towards the transportation sector. The combined value proposition (products & services) becomes exponentially greater than the sum of its individual members!

The mission is to be a powerful promotion tool to achieve growth for its members through increased visibility for Team Sweden.

Supporting Partner